Medical tourism in Albania is growing rapidly

Medical tourism in Albania is growing rapidly
 According to the latest publication from the Albanian Statistical Institute, the annual variation in 2019 compared to 2018 is 138.4%. "Medical tourism" in Albania has reached very high figures, experiencing a real boom. Private clinics in Albania are increasingly equipping themselves to attract potential foreign clients. Plastic surgery is one of the fields that has seen greater development than other interventions because, according to industry experts, the urgency of such interventions is not high (they are not health requirements, unlike other interventions), so it offers tourists the opportunity to combine it with their stay in the country to visit the beauties of the Albanian coast and mountains.

Furthermore, there are many dental clinics in the country, with qualified and competent dental staff and affordable prices. So far, this is a sector that has not been fully valued and needs strategies to attract interested people to have a greater impact on its growth.

It is these characteristics that make Albania an attractive destination for this type of tourist, who can find low-cost solutions.

So, there are very specific reasons why Albania is emerging as one of the most popular European destinations for medical tourism. This growth is due to competitive prices, rapid access to various personalized and safe treatments, medical services, and excellent teams. Moreover, customers can rely on perfect travel organization, starting from airport pick-up, hotel reservation, hospital facility contacts, and accompaniment for all visits. If necessary, the package also includes a fee for patient treatment after discharge, until their return home.

Tourism in Albania is growing

In 2019, Albania was visited by 6,406,038 foreign tourists, an increase of 8.1% compared to the previous year. In 2019, Switzerland was among the countries that had the greatest impact on the increase in the influx of tourists in Albania, recording a growth of 18.2% (data from the Albanian Statistical Institute).


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