Hair Transplant Albania, all inclusive for only €1490, 4 Star Hotel in downtown Tirana

Hair Transplant with FUE Sapphire method in a 45-year-old man in Tirana, before and after 8 months
Hair Transplant with FUE Sapphire method in a 45-year-old man, before and after 8 months
Bring your hair back to life with the latest generation of FUE Sapphire hair transplants or autologous hair transplants in Albania! We take hair follicles from the area where hair genetically never falls out (the donor area) and move them to the area where hair is missing. The result? They're your old hair again! Yes, we guarantee it with our experience in Tirana.

All inclusive: €1490 *

- Maximum number of grafts (follicular units)

- 1 - 3 nights in a Hotel in downtown Tirana

- Airport transfer, Hotel, Clinic and vice versa

- Pre and Post-operative medical visits

- Hair Transplant with FUE Sapphire or Micro FUE Method

- Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment before or after transplantation

- Post-operative medications and products

- Continuous assistance for up to a year after hair transplantation through our experts

* If you wish to have round-trip flights from any airport in Italy included, you will need to consider a €200 supplement on the base quote, bringing the total to €1690. In case you wish one of our agents to accompany you personally from the airport in Italy to Albania, it will be necessary to add €500 to the total cost, bringing the total amount to €2190. With us, you will have the opportunity to make an exceptional journey!

Send images of the problematic area, those of the sides and the back, along with the following information. Within a few hours, you will receive a scientific and professional evaluation of the number of grafts that will be performed and a personalized quote for your case.

► First and Last Name

► Age

► Drug allergies

► If you suffer from any illness..., for example, diabetes, heart

► What medications you take, if you do

Come to Tirana to protect your natural beauty😉

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Why choose us?

Because our doctors have decades of experience and are constantly present at important international scientific conferences in their respective fields.

Because we use and are always looking for the latest quality technology, including DHI or FUE Saffire for hair transplantation or  CAD/CAM for dental cures, using the best materials and we offer guarantees for all our implantological and prosthetic works. The products and technologies we use come from leading manufacturers in each field.

Valeria Marini, one of the divas of Italian cinematography, trusted us to whiten her teeth - Dental Implants Albania😉

 Hair Transplant Albania; No limit Graft numbers, quality, professionalism, confidentiality, lifetime warranty!

Our Turkish staff here in Tirana is highly specialized in the latest contemporary methods of hair transplantation, DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation), and Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Both methods are useful in specific cases. If, for example, DHI serves to increase density and work without cutting hair, Saffire FUE is suggested when the baldness is extensive - Hair Transplantation Albania
These guys are the first people you will meet as soon as you get off at Tirana Airport. Always with a beautiful smile, professionalism and kindness they will accompany you to the hotel and then to the clinic.
Come to Albania to preserve your natural beauty, and beautify your body and soul😉

 Send us your photos via Whatsapp and receive a scientific, professional and personalized quote within 24 hours😉